Selected Recent Publications


2013: Bruter M. and Lodge, M. (eds) Political Science Research Methods in Action. Palgrave MacMillan.
2012: Bersick, S., Bruter, M., Chaban, N. et al. (eds) Asia in the Eyes of Europe. Nomos.
2011: Harrison, S. and Bruter, M. Mapping Extreme Right Ideology. Palgrave MacMillan.
2009: Bruter, M. and Harrison, S.. The Future of our Democracies. Palgrave MacMillan.

Work in Progress

Bruter, M. and Harrison, S. Feeling European – Book under interest from Cambridge University Press (with Sarah Harrison, subject to final review of full manuscript)
Bruter, M. and Harrison, S. Homo Suffragator – Manuscript in preparation based on the first results of the ‘Inside the mind of a voter’ project’.


2011: Bruter, M. ‘Europolity? Seven articles about European integration’. Salzburg Papers in European Integration. Vol. 3:11.
2010: Bruter, M., Erikson, R, and Strauss, A. ‘Uncertain candidates, valence, and the dynamics of candidate position taking’. Public Choice. Vol. 144: 153-168.

Work in Progress

Bruter, M. and Harrison, S. ‘The extreme right chessboard? A discursive strategic model of extreme right politics in seventeen countries.’ (ready for submission)
Harrison, S., and Bruter M. ‘Chameleon politics the dynamics of extreme right discourse in Europe’ (ready for submission)
Bruter, M. ‘Citizens’ electoral memory in the USA, France, and Belgium’ (soon to be ready for submission)

Chapters in Edited Volumes

2012: Bruter, M. and Harrison, S.: ‘Media and identity: the paradox of legitimacy and the making of European citizens’ in Risse, T. and van de Steeg, M. (eds) European Public Spheres: Bringing Politics Back in. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (forthcoming)
2012: Bruter, M. and Harrison, S.: ‘The difficult emergence of a European people’ in Hayward, J. and Wurzel, R. (eds). European Disunion: The Multidimensional Power Struggles. Basingstoke: Palgrave (forthcoming)
2012: Bruter, M. and Harrison, S. ‘In the booth: the electoral psychology of voters, polling station experience, and impact on the vote’ Government Gazette (soon to be ready for publication)

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