ECREP NAMED LOGOECREP is the largest existing research initiative fully dedicated to the study of electoral psychology and electoral ergonomics. It is funded by the European Research Council. The initiative is based at LSE and directed by Michael Bruter in collaboration with Sarah Harrison. Using multiple methods (multi-year panel study surveys, innovative experiments, in-depth interviews, citizens’ election diaries, direct observation in collaboration with official election observers, etc) we aim to understand what goes on in people’s minds when they are in the polling booth, what emotions are at stake when people vote, how their electoral memory builds. Finally, we define the concept of electoral ergonomics, as the study of the impact of every small detail in the organisation of the vote on voters’ perceptions and behaviour. The project is conducted in over 20 different countries.

“Inside the Mind of a Voter” or INMIVO is a research project focusing on the study of electoral psychology and electoral ergonomics, financed by the European Research Council and directed by Dr Michael Bruter from the LSE. It has led to the emergence of the ECREP initiative.

Forthcoming Event: Conference in Electoral Psychology, LSE November 12-13, 2015

We are excited to announce the upcoming workshop and conference in Electoral Psychology to be held at the London School of Economics on November 12-13, 2015. Please see the announcement for more information

This conference has three key goals:

We aim to collectively present the state of research in electoral psychology and derive an edited volume which will highlight some of the exciting progress that we have achieved in recent years across different disciplines in both substantive and methodological;
We want this to be a forum for our subfield to meet and informally discuss opportunities for further exchange, joint research, and bringing our forces together and become more visible in our contributions to political science, social psychology, and social science research methods;
Our ECREP team also wants to introduce you to some of the exciting findings from our large multi-country multi-method projects on electoral psychology over recent years.
The conference will comprise of four panels, and will last from lunchtime on Thursday 12 November to lunchtime on Friday 13 November. There will be a conference dinner and possibly a public event on the evening of 12 November (to be confirmed).

The conference will take place at the London School of Economics, WC2A 2AE, London. Attendance will be limited and ticket-based because of space constraints but will be free of charge. Organisational details will follow nearer the date.

Invitation for paper proposals:

Paper proposals should be sent to Michael Bruter and/or Sarah Harrison ( and by Friday 2 October 2015.

The proposals should include:

The name and affiliation of the authors (highlighting the proposed contact author/presenter in the case of co-authors)
The proposed title
An abstract of the proposed paper (1-2 paragraphs) highlighting the main research question, methods, empirical scope and key findings
A sense of which of the four proposed panels you think your paper would best fit into: 1) substantive advances in electoral psychology, 2) the interaction between voters’ psychology and electoral arrangements and election ergonomics, 3) methodological innovations, 4) the psychology of young voters.
An indication of whether financial assistance would be required should the paper be accepted
We will confirm acceptance decisions by Monday 12th October.

For more information please contact Michael Bruter (

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