ECREP NAMED LOGOECREP is the largest existing research initiative fully dedicated to the study of electoral psychology and electoral ergonomics. It is funded by the European Research Council. The initiative is based at LSE and directed by Michael Bruter in collaboration with Sarah Harrison. Using multiple methods (multi-year panel study surveys, innovative experiments, in-depth interviews, citizens’ election diaries, direct observation in collaboration with official election observers, etc) we aim to understand what goes on in people’s minds when they are in the polling booth, what emotions are at stake when people vote, how their electoral memory builds. Finally, we define the concept of electoral ergonomics, as the study of the impact of every small detail in the organisation of the vote on voters’ perceptions and behaviour. The project is conducted in over 20 different countries.

“Inside the Mind of a Voter” or INMIVO is a research project focusing on the study of electoral psychology and electoral ergonomics, financed by the European Research Council and directed by Dr Michael Bruter from the LSE. It has led to the emergence of the ECREP initiative.

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